« SYLVERING » –  » STRIPPING THE EIGHTIES  » direct quote :
A project which I qualify as NOSTALCHIC (a word suitcase combining the “nostalgia” and kind of elegance named “chic”) and which is based in fact on a simple hyper principle: to give acoustic new colours with a flavour of folk song (voice / piano / guitar) to standards of the  » neo-romantic new wave » scene of the 80s of which we have can be not to measure in their just value the quality of their writing.

So we are clearly positioned on a more mainstream side and we are not afraid to gather THE ROMANTICS with U2, MEN AT WORK with DEPECHE MODE or BANANARAMA with PET SHOP BOYS.

By the way, our main purpose is to sound like a coherent group with a very specific style with a “folk basis” (voice+piano+guitar) trying to revisit sincerely famous songs coming from the TOP10 charts just to recall the audience how much they were so well written.



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